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            AC Center

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            • Tel:010-62713272/73/45/46

            • Email:mail@www.thegoawards.com

            • Address:Huilongguan Town,Changping District,Beijing

            position:Electrical Engineer Working place:北京 Number of people:1

            Post duties:

            1、The application of CAD software to the design of electrical drawings;

            2、Familiar with AB or SIEMENS PLC, and be able to write programs independently;

            3、Can use WINCC or other configuration software to write upper interface, familiar with touch screen;

            4、Familiar with inverter and soft start working principle and parameter setting;

            5、Can independently carry out on-site PLC and other electrical equipment commissioning work, and be 

                 able to solve the electrical technical problems encountered at the scene;

            6、Organize production department personnel to carry out electrical business knowledge training;

            7、Two circuit design of electrical design and distribution cabinet / box;

            8、Responsible for the technical support at the construction site, and the bidding work related to the 

                 electronic control technology;

            9、Responsible for solving or coordinating the technical support work of customer and company related 


            10、Other tasks arranged by the leadership.


            1、Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical, electrical engineering or related field;

            2、More than 3 years working experience in electrical design and PLC programming;

            3、Familiar with electrical industry related technical standards, familiar with electrical automation 

                 product testing related instruments and equipment;

            4、Familiar with electrical and distribution cabinet design, weak current technology, can review 

                 professional drawings, provide advice, suggestions and technical support;

            5、Strong logical thinking, communication, planning and execution skills;

            6、Integrity, steadfast, positive attitude, strong sense of responsibility, good team communication and 

                 coordination spirit;

            7、Be able to go on a business trip and go to the site for commissioning;

            8、Intermediate engineer certificate in electrical, mechanical and electrical related field is preferred;

            9、Skilled drivers are preferred.

            position:Mechanical Engineer Working place:北京 Number of people:3

            Post duties:

            1、Structural design of mechanical parts of products;

            2、Cooperate with electrical / software / process engineer to complete product design;

            3、Write technical documents related to product design;

            4、Other tasks assigned by the leader.

            Requirements for office:

            1、Bachelor degree or above, majored in mechanical engineering, mechanical design and 

                 manufacturing, mechatronics and other related majors;

            2、More than 2 years of relevant work experience;

            3、Proficient in mechanical design principles, able to use CAD, SolidWorks and other software for 

                 structural design;

            4、Proactive, conscientious, responsible, conscientious, meticulous and team oriented;

            5、The research and development experience of dust removal equipment is preferred.

            position:Purchasing Engineer Working place:北京 Number of people:1

            Post duties:

            1、According to the needs of purchasing, make a reasonable purchase schedule, submit approval, and 

                 carry out purchase after auditing;

            2、According to the purchase plan and the supplier inquiry, price, bargaining, negotiation of the 

                 contract business terms, according to the price difference, the time of payment, the way of payment, 

                 quality and other information to fill in the procurement review and submit the contract after the 

                 approval of the superior, the contract is responsible for the filing and management of the contract;

            3、Strictly enforce the contract terms, implement the delivery time of the procurement contract, arrange 

                 delivery and follow up the arrival date;

            4、Provide accurate fund plan in advance and report to finance department after checking and 

                 approving by superior to ensure timely payment;

            5、Make warehouse-related documents, actively cooperate with warehouse quality and quantity to 

                 complete the warehousing of purchased goods, and actively cooperate with technical departments 

                 and production departments to deal with quality problems;

            6、Prompt the supplier to invoice and submit it to the finance department.

            Requirements for office:

            1、Mechanical and electrical related major, bachelor degree or above;

            2、More than 2 years experience in purchasing dust collector spare parts, familiar with purchasing 

                 process, able to independently complete purchasing tasks, with skilled driving skills;

            3、Familiar with industry laws and regulations, important provisions of contract law and relevant 

                 financial knowledge;

            4、With good professional ethics and quality, no bad habits;

            5、Familiar with the relevant quality system standards, proficient in procurement business, good 

                 communication skills, negotiation skills and cost consciousness;

            6、Proficient in using related software.

            position:Project Manager Working place:北京 Number of people:3

            Post duties:

            1、Responsible for the project's resources input, including project manpower, equipment, materials, 

                 machinery and technology funds and other resources input;

            2、Responsible for project construction, responsible for all construction progress, quality, cost and 


            3、Guide the implementation of the project, supervise the progress and quality of the project, and 

                 optimize the installation process;

            4、Maintain close communication with customers, timely feedback customer and product usage 

                 information to relevant departments, and put forward suggestions for rationalization improvement;

            5、Organizing and coordinating relevant departments to conduct due diligence and procedural 

                 examination of the proposed investment projects;

            6、Complete other tasks assigned by the company leader on time.

            Requirements for office:

            1、Age 35-45;

            2、College degree or above in electrical, fire, environmental engineering or environmental protection 

                 related majors;

            3、More than 5 years experience in construction management of mechanical and electrical installation 

                 and environmental protection projects;

            4、Mechanical and electrical two level construction division or electrical and environmental protection 

                 related professional intermediate engineer;

            5、Have good interpersonal and communication skills;

            6、Able to control project construction, operation and transfer in a comprehensive way;

            7、Be able to adapt to outside work or travel for a long time.

            position:Sales Engineer Working place:北京 Number of people:5

            Post duties:

            1、Responsible for the product sales task in the area under its jurisdiction;

            2、Responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities in sales area, and achieve sales targets;

            3、Develop new markets, develop new customers, and increase sales scope;

            4、Maintenance and promotion of existing customer relations;

            5、Complete some technical support work and technical communication with customers;

            6、Responsible for collecting market and industry information and deepening understanding.

            Requirements for office:

            1、Bachelor degree or above, engineering related major;

            2、More than 3 years of sales experience;

            3、Familiar with lighting, dust removal equipment industry product market, corresponding product sales 

                 experience, understand mainstream industry technology;

            4、Strong customer communication skills and high business dealing ability. Good teamwork spirit;

            5、Strong learning ability, challenging spirit and regular travel;

            6、Sales experience in power plant, steel plant, power station and port is preferred.

            position:Business Assistant Working place:北京 Number of people:2

            Post duties:

            1、Assisting sales personnel to deal with project bidding related matters;

            2、Independent production project bids and contracts;

            3、Responsible for project application, filing and filing;

            4、Responsible for managing and updating project accounts;

            5、Responsible for statistics, inquiries, management and related business reports of sales performance;

            6、To be responsible for the work of the Design Institute;

            7、Other tasks assigned by the leader.

            Requirements for office:

            1、Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, environmental engineering, mechanical and electrical 


            2、More than 2 years' experience in business management;

            3、Experience in drafting business contracts, tender production, etc;

            4、Good affinity, communication and coordination ability, strong observation and adaptability;

            5、Proficient in office software such as Office, PhotoShop and Visio.

            Address:Huilongguan Town,Changping District,Beijing

            Website:http://www.www.thegoawards.com Fax:010-81762732 Email:mail@www.thegoawards.com