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            LBM passed ISO9001 quality system certification

            time:2020-11-05 clink:0

                    On October 23, 2020, the auditor of Beijing Dongfang Zongheng Certification Center Co., Ltd. visited our company for iso9001:2015 quality system certification audit. With the active cooperation of all the staff, our company passed smoothly, which further proved the high quality level of the company's products.

                    The passing of ISO9001 quality management system certification, on the one hand, proves the company's own strength, on the other hand, it is a spur to the company's future growth and growth. Our company will, as always, strictly implement the quality management system and rules and regulations in the future work, further optimize and standardize various management systems, continuously improve the effectiveness of the system operation, continue to actively explore, and strive to make the enterprise management system work to a new level, and provide high-quality products and services for the environmental protection industry!


            Address:Huilongguan Town,Changping District,Beijing

            Website:http://www.www.thegoawards.com Fax:010-81762732 Email:mail@www.thegoawards.com