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            Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group Hanzhong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Sintering Machine Head ESP Overhaul Project Completed

            time:2019-04-17 clink:0

                    The sintering machine head of Hansteel sintering plant of Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group is equipped with BDX240*2 and BDX260*2 electrostatic precipitators. Due to years of operation, the equipment is seriously corroded and aging, which seriously affects its normal operation.

                    From February 12 to March 23, 2019, our company did the air flow simulation test on its flue entrance. According to the test results, we adjusted and replaced the air distribution plate. We used the self-developed current-sharing electrostatic precipitation technology to reform the four-electric field anode plate. After the transformation, the electric field meets the emission requirements, and the four-electric field cathode line is matched with the new anode plate. On the basis of overhaul, the top vibration system is added, and the dust removal effect is achieved after the reform of the top vibration system.

                    The project was completed on March 23. Since the operation of the dust collector, the condition has been stable, and the on-line monitoring emission has remained within the emission standard.


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