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            The trend of the development of China's electrostatic precipitator equipment industry

            time:2018-05-07 clink:4

                    As the country pays more attention to environmental protection, the emission standards of various industries are increasing, and the purchase and application of electrostatic precipitator in various related industries in our country is expanding continuously.

                    As a major power equipment in the world, China has entered the international advanced stage in terms of quantity and technology. The technology of electrostatic precipitator from the equipment body to the computer controlled high and low voltage power supply, as well as the insulation accessories, the vibrator, the pole line and so on have all been made domestically, and some of the products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

                    The heavy industry in China is still the leading industry of the national economy, and the electrostatic precipitator has been widely used in many industries, such as thermal power, steel, nonferrous metal metallurgy, building materials, chemical, mechanical, electronic and other industries.

                    The concentration of the industry is high. The contract amount of three enterprises in Zhejiang Feida, Fujian dragon net, Tian Jie group, Shanghai smelter, Colin environmental protection and the sales income of products account for more than 65% of the whole industry.

                    With the continuous rapid growth of China's national economy, environmental protection is becoming more and more important for the sustainable development of the national economy. Driven by the interests of the market economy, many large and medium-sized environmental protection industries in China have increased their investment in technical research and development of electrostatic precipitator equipment, and the application of ESP equipment has been greatly developed. The state's support for the ESP industry is constantly increasing, and the high efficiency electrostatic precipitator technology is included in the "75" national key project.

                    In the "12th Five-Year" plan for the prevention and control of air pollution in key areas, the State Council clearly pointed out that by 2015, the emission of industrial smoke dust in key areas dropped by 10%, and the annual concentration of PM10 and PM2.5 decreased by 10% and 5% respectively. 13 key areas, such as Beijing Tianjin Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, included the PM2.5 fine particles into the assessment index, and the annual average concentration of fine particles decreased by 6%; the above regional compound air pollution should be effectively controlled, and the acid rain, haze and photochemical smog were obviously reduced.

                    According to the "12th Five-Year" plan of air pollution prevention and control in the key areas of the national key area, the electric dust removal equipment report is about 1 million 480 thousand tons per year in the "12th Five-Year" key project, and the investment demand of the industrial smoke dust control project is about 47 billion yuan. Therefore, the dust removal equipment in China needs to meet the rapid growth and the city of electrostatic precipitator. Field space.

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